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Team selection a major concern for Manchester United manager David Moyes

Team selection a major concern for Manchester United manager David Moyes

by Sudeep Shukla | Football | 06th Nov 2013

United's performance is steadily increasing with each passing game. Following United's draw with Real Sociedad in the UEFA Champions League three other things have remain unchanged- The best position of Shinji Kagawa, Marouane Fellaini's role in the team, and the diving of Ashley Young. All three has been an important factor for United. 

Lets start with Ashley Young. David Moyes surely refused to condemn Ashley Young after he went to ground theatrically making most of the minimal contact. Karma came in play after Robin Van Persie missed the penalty. Young has a reputation of diving and he hasn't learned at all. After having terrible form this whole season, Young's current dive row will surely not do any good for the team and the player. It has gone down very badly with fans too who are not enjoying the diving game. God knows when will he learn and god knows when will he regain his form which made Ferguson sign him, but one thing is for sure that if he doen't pull up he is surely going to go down as United flop and known diver. 

Kagawa who made a rare start has been an enigma for Moyes. Moyes is still learning what can the playmaker do on the field and what is his best postion. David Moyes started Kagawa on the left wing (from which the Japan international had, in truth, regularly been playing) to be his team's No. 10 after taking out Rooney. And suddenly the game looked lively. Everytime Kagawa has been played in his natural No.10 position he becomes extremly dangerous for the opposition. Playing on the left wing  Kagawa has demonstrated understanding with Patrice Evra and caused no shortage of problems for his opponents either cutting inside or played through a teammate with a clever one-touch pass. They both have combined quite nicely and look threating together forming a partnership. Fans might want to see Kagawa playing the playmaker role but till the time Rooney starts in the team, Kagawa will either get less chances or will play on the left which is not bad for the team. He has showen signs of versatility and I surely hope he gets more chances as he can be the difference maker this season.

Marouane Felliani role's in the team is still something United fans are trying to figure out.The Belgian failed to make an impact on the game and went out after recieving two unnecessary yellow cards. So far Felliani has failed to show the form that made Moyes spend a big amount for him. Consistently giving the ball away, a lack of drive going forward and careless tackles, this isn’t the same player we saw at Everton. We surely hope that, he grows in confidence and his performances will increase greatly in composure and we get to see his natural game. Moyes needs an engine room in the midfield and Fellaini, needs to grasp every opportunity that come his way to prove his boss right.

Moyes remains unbeaten in his debut UEFA Champions League season and his team might not be playing that attractive football but they are lacking that finishing at the end. Moyes needs to figure out Young-Kagwaga-Felliani issues which might be the turning point in his debut season.