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The Ozil-effect pervades like a virus as season kicks off

The Ozil-effect pervades like a virus as season kicks off

by Tejas Ramu | English Premier League | 16th Sep 2013

When Gareth Bale signed for Real Madrid there was a sign of relief among Arsenal Fans. Most of us thought that Arsenal will buy fringe players and talent for the future. However, Wenger hinted at a ‘surprise’ at the press conference after the victory over their derby rivals and Champions League contenders.

Wenger is man with few emotions, he normally doesn’t give out any. However, in that press conference he had a rather unusual smile on his face on the eve of transfer window deadline.

There was a strange positive vibe around the Emirates after Arsenal beat Tottenham, every Arsenal fan knew that some players were joining to strengthen the squad, but no one really knew who.

Midfielder Mesut Ozil name sprung up as a rumor in the early hours on Transfer Day Deadline. Most of us thought that it was typical Arsenal play, being linked with all top talents and end up signing nobody. It was a case of ‘Same Story Different Season’. However, when the rumor turned true later that day, it was astonishing to hear that the Mighty Arsenal were ready to blow their rigid transfer policy and wage structure to land the German International.  

When the deal was finally announced that Ozil to Arsenal is a done deal, it was the answer to the entire Arsenal fan/Community for their morning players over the years to land a World Class player. The sun suddenly was shining brighter and the grass was greener in North London and there was nip in every fans stride as if Christmas had come early.

We would never really know if Wenger was tracking a player like Ozil style to join after prioritizing a Striker to Support Giroud this season. The signing might be a reaction to Tottenham signing players like Paulinho, Lamela, Soldado or Eriksen. But, nobody in spurs roster will match the Ozil standard and he is the best thing to happen after Sergio Aguero to the Premier League.

The Ozil effect has struck the premier league like a Virus, in a good way thou. There have been close to 300,000 selections in the Fantasy Premier League. The t-shirt sales at the emirates have gone over the roof, Arsenal players posting pictures with Ozil and welcoming their new star player on their Social Networking handles and the back pages of all British news press is about Ozil, suddenly every footballing fan wants to see Ozil play in the premier league.

Arsenal is finally at the big table as they pulled out a great deal to land Ozil, with free spending Monaco and PSG also entered the race to sign the playmaker and with Manchester United looking for a Marque signing to start David Moyes era, Wenger really pulled the rabbit out of the hat in convincing Ozil that Emirates is the best place for him.

Arsenal will take time to find the best position for Ozil cause of his flexibility in the midfield role. Wenger has good midfielders and when Michel Arteta gets back, it will be interesting how Wenger manages his squad.

Arsenal is the most successful team in the transfer window even with only one major signing. It might be a sign of what Arsenal are looking forward for January window with them freeing up millions by selling/releasing most of their fringe players and under performers.

The actual work for Wenger and his team starts now. They should not get carried away with Ozil’s signing, with a fit squad Arsenal are definitely in contention to win a Trophy this season and Wenger waiting to sign a new contract with Arsenal, this is a must win situation for Arsenal.

Football is a team game and Wenger should make sure that contribution comes from everyone in the team to achieve their goal and win a trophy this season. We are seeing the better side of Aaron Ramsey this season with 3 immaculate performances and we all hope that he continues this good start.

I mentioned Aguero earlier and we saw what he achieved in his first season with Manchester City winning the premier league for City after 36 years. Hopefully Ozil will have a chance to have his own climax this season after Manchester United were handed the trophy last season.