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Not all is lost for Manchester United fans!

Not all is lost for Manchester United fans!

by Abhishek Nandi | English Premier League | 05th Sep 2013


Worst Ever…

“Beginning of the end!”

These are few adjectives I heard about United’s performance in the transfer window. Be it a hard-core United fan, a L’pool fan or a normal football enthusiast, more or less everyone shared a similar opinion. I dashed to google to check if they have somehow sold RVP or if Vidic retired…

Nah, false alarms!

If I remember correctly, the same United squad merrily strolled to the league last season and the same squad (sans RVP) lost the title only in the dying minutes to the eventual winners City. Yes, Scholes is retired and Giggs is not getting younger but the core players are still very much there.

Vidic is possibly the best defender in the league and with RVP they have got undoubtedly the best finisher. You add the likes of Rooney (the motivated version), Hernandez, De Hea, an underutilized Kagawa, a very underrated Carrick and this looks like a very formidable unit. On top of it, the new recruit Felaini will give them the muscle power they need in the middle of the pitch.

Most of us don’t know what really happens behind the scene during a transfer window. Add the overflow of information via internet, blogs, quotes/unquote, twitter and it becomes impossible to conclude who ‘actually’ bid for whom and why the deal didn’t go through. Some section of crowd believes that United couldn’t land up their targets because it boiled down to David Moyes’s credibility as a manager.

Since Guardiola left Barcelona, their next managers are guys called ‘Tito’ and ‘Tata’ but they still could manage to lure big names to Camp Nou (Sorry Tito/Tata, no offence!). Moyes can be a factor for some player’s hesitance but the stature of United as a club and their achievements are far more enticing .

However, United fans should be more keen to know how the existing players feel about their new coach and his methods. I remember when RVP joined United, he was raving about the training sessions that SAF and Co used to put in every week. He was mighty impressed by the fact that their sessions used to be altered based on the next opponents and he enjoyed the variations. Only time will tell if Moyes and Co can match up to that level and in my opinion, he deserves some time before any hasty judgement. The poor guy is trying to fit into the very uncomfortable shoes of Sir Alex Ferguson, for God’s sake!

I don’t know whom United wanted to sign and why they failed to sign few of their targets but the situation is not as bad as pointed out by quite a few.

Moyes and his boys might not stroll to the finish line this time but they are more than capable to reaching there…..maybe after a bit of huffs and puffs !!