With the inclusion of Mesut Ozil, Gunners are ready to fire | Khelnama

With the inclusion of Mesut Ozil, Gunners are ready to fire

With the inclusion of Mesut Ozil, Gunners are ready to fire

by Abhishek Nandi | English Premier League | 04th Sep 2013

The current crop of Arsenal fans will remember the first 2 days of Sep-13 as possibly the best 48 hours they have witnessed in the last few years. No, we didn’t win anything but maybe took some baby steps towards achieving something positive this season.A very spirited Arsenal eased past a sluggish Spurs on a ‘double-derby’ day. That followed up with Wenger finally splashing some cash to sign….’Mesut Ozil’!

Give it a minute to sink in..

Not some teenager from French Div 2 but a real proven top quality player. Not the ‘new Ozil’ but the original ‘Ozil’!

Going back to the derby…

Arsenal played a perfect game (almost) and every player with a red and white shirt played with tremendous spirit and a strong desire to win. The new recruits of Spurs failed to make any strong impression and were outpaced by Arsenal players in every area of the pitch. If not for the brilliance of Hugo Lloris, Spurs would have lost by a bigger margin.

The last time we played Spurs, they carved us open by diagonal balls ,scored two  identical goals and in very quick succession. We struggled to deal with Bale and Lennon(!!!) and our defence was clueless about tracking players and more or less everything.

With no Bale and Lennon , they didn’t cause much trouble from the flanks. Having said that, Arsenal  as a whole unit defended well. Gibbs and Genks handled their wide players well and Kos/Per were rock solid. With an improving Ramsey sitting deep and covering amazing ground, there were hardly any panic moments. Szczesny was very reluctant to come out of his goal-line after his mistakes against Villa , but except that had a very good game. My favourite moment of the match (except the Giroud’s goal) was when Carzola shooed away Walcott , not once but twice when Theo expressed his desire to take the free-kicks.

Often we don’t do the basics right; I’m so glad we did almost everything right against Spurs and were paid the dividends.Defend as a team, track players, put your body on line, don’t let Theo take free kicks…you know, simple things!

Spurs will do well this season and it worked in our favor that we played them early this season. They seem to lack creativity in the middle and the players are still getting used to each other but they will definitely improve as the season progresses. Our trip to White Hart Lane later will be interesting to watch; hope we will not be playing catching up then..

Lets go back to Ozil…

Do we really need him?Does signing him on the very last day of the window makes it a successful transfer window for us?

Can we really compete for the league with this squad?

For me, there are three players who can play as no 10 for us and though Rosicky is good, I would prefer either Carzola or Wilshere to play there regularly. Wilshere’s position is still not clear to most of us and considering he is unfortunately a bit injury prone, that leaves us with Carzola.

Yes, maybe a ‘no 10’ shouldn’t have been on our high priority but the prospect of Carzola/Ozil/Wilshere playing together is so alluring and if that doesn’t excite you, then maybe they are following the wrong sport!

Ozil will bring back few disgruntled fans and with him the envious mid-field will give Arsenal a sort of edge which they are lacking for quite some time. I still can’t believe that Real let him go…!!!

 I would have preferred an established keeper (like Lloris), a DM and a striker but nah, today I won’t complain.

Our current squad may just fall short of winning the league but something tells me that this time, we will have few more moments to cherish during the season.